Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

The world is a complex place....We are inundated by vast quantities of information....The problems we face today are not the problems of tomorrow....

How do we deal with all of this? By employing critical thinking.

But critical thinking is abstract; it doesn’t come naturally. And part of the problem is that it defies one, single definition.

Put simply, critical thinking is about improving the quality of our thought, about asking good questions, and knowing when answers are good. For us, critical thinking is Quality Assurance for Our Thought Processes.

Critical thinking is also a set of skills, like a language. As such, it requires multiple opportunities to practice.

We approach critical thinking education by:

  1. Providing background in human psychology and cognition – because it's important to know how our thinking is affected by our biases and assumptions.

  2. Helping clients make their thinking explicit - because in this way mistakes in thinking can be more easily identified and corrected.

  3. Making our educational material relevant to the individual student – so he or she can immediately see the utility of critical thinking and apply it; everyday and always.

  4. Advocating multiple perspectives, an interdisciplinary approach, collaboration and teamwork – because this is the best way to avoid biases, and because a team is stronger than an individual.

  5. Providing many opportunities to practice it – because critical thinking is a skillset.

We are thought leaders in this area, and our unique approach strongly links critical thinking and problem solving. We have real-world experience showing the efficacy of our methodology, and we believe it provides individuals with enduring critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be used anywhere, at any time, on any problem in order to understand – and excel in – a complex world.